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Banner Textile Line Vs Coated Liner For Rubber

Coated Liners VS Textile Liners

What is a release liner for tire ? In the tire manufacturing process a liner acts as a conveyor belt to wind up & store extruded rubber parts before curing.…

Article Reach EU

REACH explained

What is REACH? The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals aka REACH is a regulation program developed by the European Union in order to set up a framework for…

ABD0031 Toxic Gas

Airbus Standard ADB0031: Toxic Smokes

During an aircraft conception, it is necessary to respect numerous standards. Among them ABD0031 certifies the materials of the aircraft, not only for their fire resistance, but also for the…


Hot Work & Safety Measures

Every year number of fires occur around the globe due to the negligence or the ignorance of employees performing hot works. Those fires can easily be prevented by applying the…

Robot Cover

Impact of the robot covers on productivity

Automation : Industrial automation is accelerating on a global scale. Compared to human, robots allow companies to reach much higher efficiency, performance and uniformity for a given task. They have…

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine bellows : FR or Flameproof ?

With the development of laser fibers and the increase of the general level of performance in laser cutting technologies, laser cutting processing has become widely used in the manufacturing industry.…

PPE Cleaning

How to clean and to maintain your aluminized PPE ?

Aluminized PPE are often used by firefighters (ARFF) and steelworkers as protection against radiant heat. Because aluminized fabric is the most effective material to reflect infrared heat waves from a…

Butyl Rubber

The butyl inner liner of a radial tyre

Butyl inner liner and tube are critical components of the tire. This thin layer provides better inflation pressure retention and helps decrease rolling resistance, a key component of the fuel…

ISO11612 Mignature

ISO 11612: 2015 Standard for Protective Clothing against Heat & Fire

ISO 11612 is a standard that tests six different types of resistances against fire and heat threats. Each parameter is associated with a letter and a level of resistance: A1…

What Is The Composition Of A Tyre? Dickson PTL

What is the composition of a tyre?

Introduction to the tyre industry The composition of a tyre is mainly rubber but not only. The manufacturing process of a tyre is complex, and consists in a set of…

Worker Exposed To Heat Risks

How to pick your PPE by knowing the risks of your working environment

What is the highest temperature your fabrics could resist? We are often asked this question from our end users. The heat transmitting is indeed a very complex matter when it…


Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Tire industry

There are many factors in the work places that cause sick leaves. MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorder) is one of them; these are all the pains related to the muscles, the joints,…

Aluminized Fabric EN1486 Firefighters

Fireshield EN1486 new full solution is finally released

The recent past few years have seen record numbers of fires that have caused millions of dollars in property damages, endangered entire wildlife species and too often resulted in human…


How to choose the right bellow for machines tools ?

Bellows protect valuable parts and workers. By protecting the guide-ways and machine components the bellow covers help to the proper functioning of the machines. In fact, the machine tools, machine…

Standard Name

Comparison between EN 1486, NFPA 1971 and GA 634-2015 standards

EN 1486, NFPA 1971 and GA 634-2015 standards are the certifications that manage the personal protective equipment (PPE) against high temperatures, radiant heat, metal splashes, etc. Heat protection PPE Industry…

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