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Comparison Between EN 1486, NFPA 1971 And GA 634-2015 Standards

Comparison between EN 1486, NFPA 1971 and GA 634-2015 standards

EN 1486, NFPA 1971 and GA 634-2015 standards are the certifications that manage the personal protective equipment against high heat, radiant heat, splashes, etc. Fire Fighter PPE Industry is composed by two applications:

There are many risks in relation with molten metal splashes, radiant heat and flames.

PPEs are qualified by standards. There is a classification in function of the gravity of the risk.

  • Category 1 : PPE against minor risks
  • Category 2 : PPE against intermediate risks
  • Category 3 : PPE against high or deadly risks

In fact, to attribute a standard to a product an assay run proving the efficiency and warrantying need to be passed.

There are three standards in the Fire Fighter PPE Industry that are often used. This differences between standards is related to requirements in the country. Despite the fact they are used in the same sector the criteria are not the same for each.

Infographic : EN 1486, NFPA 1791 and GA 634-2015 standards

EN 1486: Protective Clothing for Fire-Fighters.

This is the test methods and requirements for reflective clothing for specialized fire-fighting. It’s used in Europe and it requires 9 tests:

  • Flame Propagation
  • Radiant Heat
  • Convective Heat
  • Contact Heat
  • Heat Resistance
  • Surface wetting
  • Tensile strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Tear resistance

NFPA 1791: Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting

It’s used in North and South America and it requires 12 tests:

  • Flame Resistance Test
  • Radiant Protective Performance Test
  • Heat and Thermal Shrinkage Resistance
  • Water Absorption Resitance Test
  • Tear Resistance Test
  • Flex at Low Temperature
  • Liquid Penetration Resistance
  • Adhesion after Wet Flex Test
  • Wet Flex
  • Thermal Protctive Performance (TPP)
  • Water Penetration Resistance Test
  • Resistance to High Temperature Blocking

GA 634-2015: Protective Clothing for Proximity Fire-Fighting (Out layer performance requirement). It’s used in China and it requires 9 tests:

  • Fire Retardant Ability
  • Radiant Heat Resistance
  • Thermal Stability Performance
  • Tensile Strength
  • Tear Strength
  • Peeling Strength
  • Anti Hydrostatic performance
  • Bending Behaviour
  • Overall thermal protective performance
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